Past Event: Art projects, London Art Fair 2012

The Contemporary London was honoured and excited to be selected to exhibit at London Art Fair 2012, Art Projects, Tuesday 17th – Sunday 23rd January 2012.

The Contemporary London presented ‘Fragmentations’, a curated exhibition of recent and newly commissioned works by Rory McCartney, Margo Trushina, Sandra Erbacher and Jess Littlewood. The diverse range of works  included large scale oil paintings, mirrored steel sculptures, light works and one-off printed collages. The curated works were unified by a visual language of repetition, geometry, fragmentation, juxtaposition and constellations of restricted intense colour. These abstract, formal elements reference very human emotions, in particular the compulsion to disrupt and reinterpret, as well as ideas of disintegration and the isolating tendencies of contemporary society.

Margo Trushina’s architectural, mirrored sculptures explore perception and the complexities of our relationship to space, as the viewer interacts with the work and, once caught in the act of looking, becomes an intrinsic element in the sculpture itself. Sandra Erbacher’s practice engages with a diverse range of often overlooked objects that suggest a dialogue with each other through formal threads of connectivity, yet the fluid arrangements ultimately undermine any consolidation into one fixed narrative. Rory McCartney juxtaposes geometric lines and patterns with spontaneous expressions of organic, marbled paint that mix different painterly traditions from art history. Jess Littlewood creates alternative worlds in which symbolic, ritualistic and religious motifs are repeated and manipulated. Her landscapes explore how the desire  for knowledge, perfection and utopia can spiral into conflict, totalitarianism and disaster.

Our stand was visited by a selection of our artists, friends of The Contemporary London, press and the general public and received great feedback.

Jess Littlewood’s work was mentioned in a review of London Art Fair 2012 by Tom Jeffreys for Spoonfed. Jeffreys describes Littlewood’s work as ‘Bring(ing) a new sense of wonder to her ambiguous  sci-fi worlds. Please click here to read the article.

Margo Trushina’s work was included in ‘Openings: London Art Fair 2012’, Arrested Motion by Patrick Nguyen, please click here to read the article.

Thank you to everyone that visited us!


Art Projects

“Art Projects is a particularly dynamic section…showcasing the work of new and emerging artists.” Apollo, January 2011
“An excellent section….where younger edgier work is on sale” The Independent Magazine, January 2011

Launched in 2005, Art Projects has established itself as one of the most exciting sections of London Art Fair attracting widespread critical acclaim and a distinct audience. Art Projects features curated solo and group shows of contemporary work – painting, photography, sculpture, editions – as well as large scale installations, video and film.