Adam Dix


Adam Dix creates paintings which explore associations between communication technology and our desire to communicate. Dix’s exploration into Society’s response and subsequent personification of these devices of modern communication describe how we relate to and comprehend technology on a humanistic level, whilst referring to other constructed ‘belief systems’ that foster a similar dual sense of connectivity and community. Adam Dix’s palette of muted colours, hazy imagery and subject, anchor the work in a time of historical optimism. Referring to the imagined futures of our predecessors his deployment of colour links the subject of contemporary technology to its 1950s origins. This has led to the production of work that invites the viewer to engage in a secular celebration, whilst questioning past and present forms of ‘social networking’ within community and the common ground that may exist between them and their effect on society. Adam Dix recieved his MA Fine Art Wimbledon College of Art (2009) and has exhibited extensively internationally since working with UK gallerys and institutions such as Christies, Haunch of Venison, Sumaria Lunn, Charlie Smith Gallery and internationally in Munich, Dubai, Anthens and Paris, . Dix was recently featured in ‘100 painters of Tomorrow‘ , Thames & Hudson, 2014 and was shortlisted for the Caitlin Guide 2010. His works has been included in the following collections: Fatima Maleki, Anita Zabludowicz for 176 Gallery, Alasdhair Willis @ Established and Sons Ltd, Royal Collection of Monaco, University of the Arts London and other private collections. Dix lives and works in London.