• Art by Vasilis Avramidis
  • Art by Vasilis Avramidis

Vasilis Avramidis in Gestalten

September 2016

Harvester by Vasilis Avramidis: The Painter Tackles the Mechanics of Memory in His New Series.

The mysteries of memory have eluded scientists for centuries. Though it’s easy to understand why moments of particular importance are branded into our brainfolds, it is more difficult to parse apart the seemingly insignificant moments and glances that we hold onto tightly. Painter Vasilis Avramidis works within this idea of the visceral and unexplainable experience of lasting memories. Done entirely in oil paints, his new series Harvesters aims to exist in the memory. Each painting a web of mossy lines encroaching on bright geometric forms that stand out against the matte-black backdrop.

On the series, Avramidis says, “These works attempt to bring to life certain scarce moments when time temporarily comes to a standstill, environments charged with anticipation and emptiness, ambiguous places with a sense of purpose that is not yet revealed, or landscapes that create pauses out of sync with the rest of the world.”

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