London Art Fair 2020

We are delighted to be showing new and recent works by Suzanne Moxhay and Eleanor Watson at Art Projects, London Art Fair 2020

Moxhay and Watson’s works navigate the blurred and ambiguous lines between reality and fantasy, truth and illusion. Exploring ideas of interior and landscape, artifice and nature, the real and the imagined, they create scenes that are at once incongruous and convincing, evocative and mesmerising.

Moxhay creates limited edition prints that explore the boundaries between inside and outside, between nature and the artificial, that are both photographic and painterly. Watson works with paint on canvas, and more recently by experimenting with printmaking to depict interior landscapes which evoke the heritage and tradition of stately homes. Their worlds are rich, textured, detailed, indulgent and lush but these are places that do not exist. These worlds are stitched together from photographic source material of historical homes and catalogues, layered and blended with fictitious imagery until the boundaries are dissolved. The layering of images and information reveals as much as it conceals, framing a moment of anticipation in an unknown narrative, and being devoid of the people that inhabit them. Their worlds are stage sets referencing history, romanticism, exoticism, nostalgia and are seductively aspirational.  

Art projects: Stand P09

22-26th January 2020

London Art Fair

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH