Suzanne Moxhay


Suzanne Moxhay’s works moves fluently between real and illusionary space, between the idealized and the dystopian environments. Her latest work features broken down interiors, creating hybrid spaces that merge inside and out, juxtaposing the intimate and the undomesticated and take on the quality of an empty stage set. Sourced from photographs, prints in old magazines and painted elements, fragments are physically collaged and constructed, re-photographed and digitally manipulated, creating space between the original material and the staged or theatrical.  Moxhay’s world is at once familiar and uncanny, and as with film, requests the viewer embarks with a suspension of disbelief.  Moxhay is a print fellow of the Royal Academy Schools, recipient of the Florence Trust residency 2008 and was shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008. Moxhay’s work has been featured in Art World MagazineThe Guardian and The BBC Culture Show.